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A home in the city, a home in the countryside, a summer home. A home of a family with children, a pet house, a home for us two or a home of my own.  

No matter what kind our home is, it is where we can relax our roles and drop our masks, revitalize ourselves for new adventures and leave the rest of the world outside the walls. Whether back from the board meeting or a two month back packing trip, our home always receives us with open arms. Our home doesn’t always need to be spick and span – sometimes it can be a mess and we can do as we please. Or not do anything – just be.

A home mirrors its inhabitants and this is portrayed with small items. The cuddly bear from our childhood home, the funny candle we never have the heart to burn, the vase our god-mother gave us. The exotic instrument brought back from the honeymoon. The one no-one can play but every one wants to try out. Artifacts filled with memories, objects acquired by ourselves. Something new, something old, everything lovely and beautiful.
Everyday items are also a part of the image of a home, percieved with all our senses. The humming of a vacuum cleaner or the classical music on a peaceful night at home. The silky soft feel of freshly changed linen. The familiar scents of home: the favourite casserole in the oven or the riding boots in the hall corner.

The plant based, ecological Hemma (at Home) products give every home and its inhabitants a charming touch.

The charming packages decorate the bathroom, the shampoo and soap care for the body and envigorate the mind with their genuine citrus fruit oils. The light, clean peppermint scent of the cleaning spray and the washing up liquid make the home feel fresh and new – and yet so personal and precious.

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